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The international Society of Functional Thin Film Materials & Devices (FTFMD)has been established in October 1, 2015 for objective that contributes to the progress of society through promotion of research & development technologies inthe area of thin-film and its materials and holding the related scientific meetings. FTFMD is a non-profit general incorporated association, which is organized underJapanese law.

Our activity area holds and supports international and domestic scientificmeeting in the field of novel displays, flexible technologies, related physical phenomena and thin-film devices such as thin-film transistors(TFT), photovoltaics(PV) technologies, and other thin-film materials and devices (TFMD) based on thin-film technologies.

From point of view, FTFMD serves as main-sponsor for AMFPD, which will be held at Kyoto in 2016, and sends scientific and academic information, which isdiscussed at AMFPD, toward world over.

AMFPD, which was established in 1994, has long history, Since AMFPD washeld in 1994, the workshop met every year. The workshop has been providingimportant opportunities for people engaged in the research and development of systems, devices, materials, processes for FPDs (Flat Panel Displays) and photovoltaics. The workshop serves important duties, which leads the fields for progress of societies. FTFMD committees are very pleased to contribute asa main sponsor of AMFPD.

Finally, FTFMD committees hope that AMFPD will lead progress of theirtechnical area towards the future.

October 1, 2015
General Incorporated Association
International Society of
Functional Thin Film Materials & Devices
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